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Malaysia Earth Day Message From Dato Sri Ang Lai Soon:Prince Charles can rally 2.4 billion to fight Climate Change

Climate Change

Dato Sri Ang Lai Soon ` We must not fail`. We can not afford not to succeed`.

Ang Lai Soon

"The Prince of Wales,next Commonwealth`s Head of 53 nations and king of England,can rally 2.4 billion to fight against man's most deadly enemy-Climate Change".

KUCHING, SARAWAK, MALAYSIA, April 23, 2018 / -- How can we celebrate Earth Day 2018 on the 22nd of April?

We are all so busy dealing with our everyday lives that some of us, I think, spare little thought to looking after our planet to which we owe our very existence. How many of us are even aware that the 22nd of April is Earth Day 2018? And that the aim of Earth Day 2018 is to end PLASTIC POLLUTION?

We must all do our part in dealing with the global menace of plastic pollution.

I have spoken and written on the damage caused to our fragile environment by human activities since the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION , so it is wonderful to see that this year Earth Day 2018 has specially addressed the GLOBAL PLASTIC POLLUTION problem.

Most of us have seen on television the rapidly-growing garbage patches in the rivers, seas, and oceans of the world of small bits of suspended plastic (microplastics) so harmful to marine life. As individuals we may feel powerless in tackling such a broad aim as ending plastic pollution.

But collectively we can make a difference by a few simple rules.

Avoiding plastic packaging and other plastic waste as much as possible.

Using our own bags, cloth or biodegradable, to carry our shopping home, not the universal plastic bags provided by the shops , supermarkets and shopping malls.

Never throwing waste plastic of any form in to the river,the sea or the oceans.

Never littering our streets , our parks and our beaches with discarded plastic packaging and items, instead collecting them and taking them home to put in the dustbin.

Recycle the drinks containers. Some scheme for paying for empty containers returned could be considered.

Our legislators have an important role to play too.

Kenya passed the World’s toughest law against plastic bags in August 2017!

Ensuring our anti-littering by-laws are followed and enforced .

Legislating to end the use of packaging plastics that are not completely biodegradable. Enforcement is equally important.

Just as important is to educate all , especially the young, by making environmental studies a compulsory subject . It should help.

Earth Day 2018 clearly defines what is at stake here.

“Plastic is threatening our planet's survival, from poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our streams and landfills........” <>.

The Prince of Wales , next Head of the Commonwealth of 53 nations and king of England, can rally 2.4 billion people to fight against man's most deadly enemy - Climate Change

Queen Elizabeth II , Head of the Commonwealth of 53 nations comprising of 2.4 billion people , expressed the wish that The Prince of Wales would one day succeed her in carrying on the work of Head of the Commonwealth. The Heads of Governments have just confirmed that the Prince Charles is the chosen successor.

The world has thus more to celebrate this April as The Prince of Wales is not only an active but one of the world's leading conservationists ,and , practising what he strongly believes in by setting up an organic farm with profits to charity. The prince must have been much influenced by probably the world's famous pioneer environmentalist Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Consort of Queen Elizabeth of England.

With Prince Charles as the next Head of Commonwealth of 53 nations we can see that his environmental influence will be on a gigantic and unprecedented scale . We warmly congratulate Queen Elizabeth ll for her excellent choice and we send our heartiest congratulations and very best wishes to the Prince of Wales , who will succeed his mother as King , and as Head of the Commonwealth .

With this happy turn of event , that one of the most polluted nations on earth China is now possibly the only nation that has done the most in going green, and the great efforts of many other nations to join in the green campaign, as individuals we hope and pray that the Climate Change issue will not get any worse, but proving Stephen Hawking to be wrong in predicting eventual human extinction!

We must not fail. We can not afford not to succeed.

The Hon Dato Sri Ang Lai Soon
Founder of St John Ambulance Sarawak,
President of Sarawak Cheshire Home,
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